Codecta QA Academy - Success and Empowerment within the Community

After two successful Codecta QA generations, Codecta is announcing its third QA program.

If you’re willing to dedicate yourself during the next 6 months and be a part of the IT world as a Software Test Automation Engineer, we encourage you to apply!

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Codecta's Full Stack Academy - for IT students and entry-level IT engineers

Are you a graduate (or 3rd/4th/5th year student) of IT-related studies and worried about how to start your career with zero experience and no practical development skills?

Codecta, in partnership with BiH Futures Foundation, is introducing a new program for IT students. Codecta’s Full Stack Academy enables you to become a full stack developer, ready to work in any modern software development team.

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Codecta Academy Education And Internship Program

Worried about how to start your career with zero experience and no practice in programming? With “It’s Spring already” education, you will gain new practical programming skills and get a chance to earn a full-time job in Codecta! As a result of the Codecta 2020 vision, we proudly announce our new Codecta Academy education and internship program.

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